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Rationale for Informed Voting in GBLA Election-2015

The Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) was part of the formerly princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. At the time of partition, the people had opted to be the part of Pakistan. But unfortunately, the GB is not fully incorporated in Pakistan yet. Due to which, we the inhabitants of GB have never had any representation in the National Assembly and Senate; thus GB have been excluded in the process of decision-making at national level.

Nevertheless, on Aug 29 the federal cabinet unanimously approved the new Gilgit-Baltistan Empowerment and Self-Governance Ordinance 2009, which has given somewhat internal political autonomy to GB along with a 33-seat unicameral legislative body under the name of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA). It’s a separate debate, however, whether this constitutional package was able to empower the regional government or not. However, one thing is for sure: it did empower former chief minister Syed Mehdi Shah, who extracted the most out of this piece of legislation.


Tips for Job Hunting in UAE (Dubai,Sharjah, Abu Dhabi)

Most of us, if not all go to UAE on a visit or tourist visa for Job Hunting! And majority of us have no guarantee to find a satisfying job. But here are some of the time-tested tips and suggestions to maximize your chances to find a suitable job within short span of time and resources in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi-UAE. It takes time to research and locate your ideal position in UAE. If you are unemployed, make this task your full-time job; if you're employed, set aside some time every day after work for job search.UAE is a highly competitive job market where 83.5% expatriates are working. Due to Emiratization policy, preference is given to local candidates than comes western and Arab citizens followed by western educated candidates. Asians are in high supply and low demand; thus receiving comparatively lesser salaries. Therefore, it is strongly suggested first to develop competitive advantage, create sound forward linkages and take calculated risk and informed decisions on the ba…

About Me

I am an international development-cum-humanitarian practitioner by Profession, Social Activist by passion, amateur Photographer by choice, Egalitarian by virtue, Monitoring, Evaluation & Research Manager by specialization and an Aspiring Social Entrepreneur by Ambition.

I strongly believe in pluralistic values, humanitarian principles, civil liberties and unity in diversity. I envision a world that is free from conflicts, servitude, deprivation, discrimination and poverty because I believe that existence of these issues anywhere are real threats to prosperity and stability everywhere in the world.

As for as my sweet homeland Pakistan is concern, I want to see her as a country that is economically vibrant, socially tolerant and sensitive to minorities, politically participatory democracy and educationally a meritocratic society. While at personal level I envision myself somewhere at any bilateral or multilateral agency in midterm whereas in the long run I want to venture in social en…