About Me

I am an international development-cum-humanitarian practitioner by Profession, Social Activist by passion, amateur Photographer by choice, Egalitarian by virtue, Monitoring, Evaluation & Research Manager by specialization and an Aspiring Social Entrepreneur by Ambition.

I strongly believe in pluralistic values, humanitarian principles, civil liberties and unity in diversity. I envision a world that is free from conflicts, servitude, deprivation, discrimination and poverty because I believe that existence of these issues anywhere are real threats to prosperity and stability everywhere in the world.

As for as my sweet homeland Pakistan is concern, I want to see her as a country that is economically vibrant, socially tolerant and sensitive to minorities, politically participatory democracy and educationally a meritocratic society. While at personal level I envision myself somewhere at any bilateral or multilateral agency in midterm whereas in the long run I want to venture in social entrepreneurship and consultancy services.

I help organizations and their senior management to improve processes and quality of service delivery besides tracking progress against achieving plan targets, set standards, agreed upon processes and key performance indicators. Thus, enabling them to take informed decisions with respect to their organizational goals, programme management and developmental results through Project Control, Capacity Building, Programme Monitoring, Project Evaluation, Knowledge Management and Research

If anyone of you or your organization need services in aforementioned areas, than please feel free to contact me on my email: fidakarim.rspn(at)gmail.com.

Many thanks for visiting my Blog. I highly appreciate your time.

Have a cheerful reading ahead.


Fida Karim

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