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China’s New Silk Road: What’s in it for Gilgit-Baltistan?

In the history of Gilgit-Baltistan, there have been some historical events and transformational incidents that have had far-reaching impacts on the socio-economic development of Gilgit-Baltistan. These include war of independence against Dogra Raj in 1947, advent of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in 1946, abolishment of State Subject Rule and principalities by introducing the regular civil administrative structure in GB in 1974 and construction of mighty Karakoram Highway (KKH) in 1978. Similarly in 1994, the PPP led federal government introduced Legal Framework Order giving GB limited authority over local affairs through an elected body. In 2009, the PPP led federal government promulgated an empowerment order that gave the region its distinct identity as Gilgit-Baltistan with a Governor and Chief Minister, making it seems like Pakistan’s fifth province.

Before 1978 Gilgit-Baltistan was cut off from the rest of the world and Pakistan due to harsh terrain and lack of accessible r…

Hunza: A Paradise Of High Literacy And Gender Equality In a Remote Corner Of Pakistan

The Hunza Valley, a region in the Gilgit–Baltistan territory of northernmost Pakistan, is renowned not only for its spectacular natural scenery of majestic mountains and glittering lakes but also for the beauty of its people, who enjoy long life expectancies. The rough mountain terrain, clean air and water, an abundance of healthy organic foods like dried apricots and almonds, and relative isolation are believed to have blessed the locals with excellent health and long lives. Indeed, Hunza Valley was reportedly the inspiration for the paradise of "Shangri La" in the book "Lost Horizons" by James Hilton.

But Hunza and its environs are renowned for something else that is quite extraordinary: At least three-quarters of people in the Valley – and virtually all the youths of both genders -- can read and write (in a country where about 55 percent of the population is literate, and millions of girls are essentially blocked from attending school). Almost every child in Hu…

Peaceful Elections in Peaceful Gilgit-Baltistan Concluded

Now that when the GBLA elections have been came into a peaceful end today, I would like to extend my heartiest congrats to all the GBians for establishing a worth following example by showing overwhelming response and demonstration of democratic norms & values by peacefully casting your votes in peaceful Gilgit-baltistan. Irrespective of who wins and who losses in final results, GBians have won the hearts and minds of all the people of Pakistan in general and GBians around the world in particular. The way our youth, our proud mothers and sisters participated in election campaigns by leading from the front was outstanding. The way our people have spoken on local issues having national & international consequences and the way candidates listen to each other in public forums like "the Great Debate-2015" in Hunza and "Why we vote for you" in Baltistan were highly commendable. I have deeply been touched by the way our mothers and sisters participated throughout…

Astonishing Places You Wouldn’t Believe Are In Pakistan

Pakistan, home to a population of almost 200 million people, rich in culture and exotic places for tourism has faded under the dark clouds of terrorism and other mind-numbing concerns. However, let’s for once not highlight our slip-ups and focus on the brighter side of things. These exotic destinations will make you want to pack your bags and leave immediately.