Peaceful Elections in Peaceful Gilgit-Baltistan Concluded

Now that when the GBLA elections have been came into a peaceful end today, I would like to extend my heartiest congrats to all the GBians for establishing a worth following example by showing overwhelming response and demonstration of democratic norms & values by peacefully casting your votes in peaceful Gilgit-baltistan. Irrespective of who wins and who losses in final results, GBians have won the hearts and minds of all the people of Pakistan in general and GBians around the world in particular. The way our youth, our proud mothers and sisters participated in election campaigns by leading from the front was outstanding. The way our people have spoken on local issues having national & international consequences and the way candidates listen to each other in public forums like "the Great Debate-2015" in Hunza and "Why we vote for you" in Baltistan were highly commendable. I have deeply been touched by the way our mothers and sisters participated throughout election process from resource mobilization to community mobilization & processions leading and public speeches.

At the same time a by-election was also going on in Mandi Bahwuddin district of Punjab. But the way the said by-election has came into end in Punjab and the way elections have been came into end in GB have vehemently sent a clear message to hatemongers that we GBians are peace loving people who are completely aware about the power of vote in any government that is meant to people by the people for the people. Today's election in GB have also indicates that there is direct relationship between education ratio and peace as there haven't been witnessed any  unpleasant event, let alone politically motivated killing of rival parties, unlike other parts of Pakistan.

Congrats to all the winning candidates and their supporters. My appreciation also goes to those who didn't make it to GBLA. Today GBians have once more shown it that GBian are the most civilized, peaceful and highly educated people of Pakistan. Let's forgive and forget if we have been somewhat emotional at any stage of election process and move ahead for the development of GB. Now is the time to look forward and work together in the leadership of winning candidates of our respective constituencies to promote our shared goals for a prosperous Gilgit-Baltistan. We have a lot more on stake due to grate game in our region, deprivation of our  political rights and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) that is to go through Gilgit-Baltistan.

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