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20 Tips For a Professional CV Making

In this blog post i am sharing with you 20 tips a professional CV making that will help you out to land in your dream job in UAE and Middle East.

1. Profession (position you are looking for) must be shown on Top of your CV.
2. Availability/Visa Status shall be shown on Top of your CV.
3. Contact Details (Email, mobile) shall be on Top of your CV.
4. Skill summary shall be shown for quick review of capabilities.
5. All Employment Dates and total years of experience must be provided.
6. Tables and Boxes shall not be used on CV.
7. Header and footer shall be used only for page numbering, and personal data shall not be in header footer.
8. CV shall contain reasonable amount of key words related to profession.
9. Objectives (if shown), shall not be generic but specific to the job.
10. Font Sizes shall be appropriate, not too big or too small. Also don’t use much variety of sizes or font types (Also mind the scale)
11. Soft Skills shall be shown related to the field, if applicable.
12. CV …