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Sindhi Culture: Feudalism and Sufism in Sindh

Do you know what differentiate Sindh from the rest of provinces in Pakistan? Ghost Schools? No! ; Ghost Teachers? NO! ; Bad Governance? No! ; Bata Mafia? No! Sindhi culture? Yes! It’s Sufi culture that differentiates Sindh from rest of the Provinces in Pakistan. During my extensive traveling through Pakistan, everywhere I go I have been encountering with the people who are mostly curious about my religious affiliation. But Sindh is the only place where I have been encountering people who are most interested in cast and creed instead. The reason is socio-cultural dynamics and distinguished history of Sindh which is mostly underpinned with feudal system and sufi culture. The feudal system have empowered handful of families at the cost of silent majority. Due to which there is widespread gaps amoung those who have and those who don’t have anything to even survive. To maintain socio-political supremacy in their respective areas, these handful chieftains and cunning feudal lords have very …