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Call for Educational Emergency to Address Educational Crisis in District Diamer

Lately Alif Ailaan and ASER Pakistan have released their reports onPakistan District Education Rankings 2016andAnnual Status of Education Report-2015respectively. Both of these reports were showing nationwide educational attainments in terms of learning outcomes, enrollment, school infrastructure and facilities among other indicators. In this regard, I have already assessed the ASER Report-2015 and published my findings with respect to the ground realities incomparative analysis of education in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) Pakistan. The crux of both the reports is that, overall performing of GB is over and above the national average in terms of net enrollment, retention and learning outcomes in language and numeracy. However, the school infrastructure score remains deplorable, with more than 50% of the schools failing to provide basic facilities to students in GB. District Hunza-Nagar and Ghizer are on top of the list in terms of Primary schools as % of total schools at national level. In th…